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Re: Does Linux 4.16.1 blast out battery time? (9h+ -> 3h+)

From: Nils Gillmann
Subject: Re: Does Linux 4.16.1 blast out battery time? (9h+ -> 3h+)
Date: Wed, 9 May 2018 08:19:48 +0000

Pierre Neidhardt transcribed 1.4K bytes:
> Thanks for the tip! :)
> > I can't advocate how to package or do this here (which is
> > too bad),
> Why not?  Is it non-free?  Custom kernel compilation is fine to discuss
> on this mailing list if I'm not mistaken.  Only proprietary firmware
> packaging isn't.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

drm-tip is a branch of the Linux kernel, not the GNU variant linux-libre.

> > but for all things graphics related this will be suggested
> > by upstream most certainly.
> >
> >
> > 0: branch as in the repository, not linux repository itself. In case you
> >    are unfamilar with linux development branching model.
> Which repository?  Sorry, I didn't get this.

Linux drm-tip. I didn't link to it for reasons, but "git linux 
should help.. if it helps in your case at all. I'm not sure.

> > 1: Variants of 
> >
> >    and this is still going on.
> Indeed, I've seen this issue many times on a couple of machines.
> -- 
> Pierre Neidhardt

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