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Re: How to make a working ld in guix pure environment?

From: Fis Trivial
Subject: Re: How to make a working ld in guix pure environment?
Date: Fri, 25 May 2018 08:48:40 +0000

Ludovic Courtès writes:

> Hello,
> Fis Trivial <address@hidden> skribis:
>> I tried to use ld in guix pure environment, tested with bintuils,
>> gcc-toolchain, ld-wrapper, and none of them work.
>> Take the following trivial snippy (not opencl related) as an example:
>> // main.c
>> #include <math.h>
>> int main()
>> {
>>   log1p(32);
>> }
>> To build it, one would do something similar to `ld -lm main.o` after
>> compilation. But I got an error saying "ld: cannot find -lm".
> You would need to use ld-wrapper, not ld, so that ld-wrapper sets the
> RUNPATH appropriately.
> But this won’t fix the problem above.  The problem above is that glibc
> is not in the search path.  To fix that, a simple fix would be to add a
> wrapper atop ld-wrapper (!) that would add “-L /gnu/store/…-glibc/lib”.
> Perhaps there are more elegant ways to achieve it though.  How is ld
> invoked?  Would it work to add that -L flag directly in the code that
> invokes ld?

That would require me to look into OpenCL's
implementations. Heterogeneous is interesting to me, I guess it would be
a fun thing to do. I will try to hack it once I got the time, unless
someone else beat me to it.

> HTH!
> Ludo’.


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