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Re: recutils bash builtin, readrec

From: Platoxia
Subject: Re: recutils bash builtin, readrec
Date: Thu, 31 May 2018 01:08:34 -0400

> I've been playing around with recutils in bash scripts and came across the 
> bash builtin, readrec, in the recutils info docs. Unfortunately, I can't seem 
> to get readrec to work.
> In trying to get this to work I've attempted the command, enable 
> readrec, as per the manual without success. I checked my system and 
> does exist, although I don't have any idea about whether there is 
> something I need to do for the path to make it work. I also came across this 
> old thread in the guix-devel archive, 
> and 
> checked recutils with guix edit recutils and it appears that the bash header 
> fix was implemented. To be fair, though, I really don't understand Scheme so 
> I can't be sure and I also can't seem to get readrec to work on Parabola, 
> which I also don't know much about...
> At any rate, this isn't critical and I wouldn't want anyone who is already 
> busy on other Guix work to be distracted by this. That said, if anyone 
> happens to be using recutils and has the readrec bash builtin working I would 
> appreciate any advice on getting it to work on my system.

After some more searching I found this thread that has 
the answer buried somewhere within. The recutils manual says to use the command 
'enable readrec' when it should be 'enable -f 
readrec'...the '-f' option was left out in the manual. Furthermore, for GuixSD 
the full path to is required. In my case, a simple 'updatedb' 
followed by 'locate' did the trick.  The correct command should look 
something like this, for anyone who is interested:

$ enable -f /gnu/store/<hash>-recutils-1.7/lib/bash/ readrec

Leo Famulari did all the work on this but I couldn't find any info other than 
what was in the mailing lists. At any rate, it now works on my GuixSD 
installation and hopefully this posting will help get the info out (even though 
it is in another mailing list).

For what its worth, I sent in a bug report to recutils for the needed 
corrections to the manual.


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