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Re: unbounded variable from `FATAL: kernel too old` ?

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: unbounded variable from `FATAL: kernel too old` ?
Date: Thu, 31 May 2018 11:59:50 +0200


>> I am installing the rnaseq Pigx pipeline from
> Oh, nice!

Thank you to share !!
And nice paper ! :-)

Do you plan to implement a version with the GWL ?

> These variables are defined in Guix since quite some time, so you are
> probably using a rather old version of Guix.  (The first two are defined
> in (gnu packages bioinformatics), the latter two in (gnu packages
> haskell).)

`guix --version` reports 0.14.0.

Weird ?
But if the kernel is too old, then somehow the install is not really
complete. Right ?

> 3.0 is just a tad too old for the C library.  What system is this?  Is
> this SLES from mid 2013?  Are you able to upgrade to at least Linux 3.10
> or install the RHEL 6 kernel, which is known to work?

Yes, it is an old Suse.
My ideas was to be able to fetch up-to-date softwares without
modifying the current configuration (lazy sysadmin's work ;-)

> I’m afraid there’s no easy way to convince the C library that your
> kernel is compatible, because it’s very likely that it isn’t if it
> wasn’t heavily patched.

If I understand well, the shortest path seems to install a new system
from scratch, as GuixSD or Debian.

Thank you for all your explanations.
You save me some time.

All the best,

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