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Setxkbmap :: Adding a custom xkb layout/variant :: Issue with specifying

From: Alex Dorof
Subject: Setxkbmap :: Adding a custom xkb layout/variant :: Issue with specifying custom config path & wiping the cache
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2018 23:36:28 +0000

So I'm ultimately trying to add a custom layout to my xkb and then set it with 
setxkbmap. I use a derivation of a carpalx layout -that is very molded to my 
needs and uses. Layout in question modifies modifier keys and specific keycode 

In the past I had no problem just having a script that I ran upon the first 
setup of an OS that modified system files in /usr/share/X11/xkb by adding my 
variant to symbols/us and a variant entry to rules/evdev.xml. It was simple and 
just worked. Now, enter GuixSD.

On guix I'm forced to think more about the long term scalability of my system 
so I can't change things nilly-willy like in the past. In lieu of creating a 
proper package, I found out that I can give setxkbmap a custom directory 
(~/.config/xkb) as long as it mirrors the system one provided by the 
`xkeyboard-config` package and add my changes there. This is supposed to work 
as shown in this example:

I had a lot of problems on my first attempts so now I'm simply modifying a 
single keycode in 'us/intl' layout to see if setting my layout manually from 
us(basic) to us(intl) will reflect my change and thus be indicative of my 
changes being visible to the xorg/xkb. Well this sanity check fails and that's 
where I'm at right now, not very sane.

I use `setxkbmap -I $HOME/.config/xkb -layout us -variant intl -verbose 10' to 
set my layout, but this command simply sets my layout to the canonical intl 
layout variant without my canary modification.

This problem naturally makes me think that there is a precompiled cache 
involved and I need to update it. This answer 
 instructs that running the command `sudo rm /var/lib/xkb/*.xkm` will wipe 
xkb's cache. Well, guix is peculiar in many aspects but it does have a /var... 
but /var/lib/xkb is nowhere to be found! I have talked to the people on 
address@hidden and just manually searched around the system to no success. 
Since most of the system outside of /var and /home is supposed to be 
static-ish, there isn't even much for me to look for.

I don't know what to do anymore. I really need this to work, badly. I could try 
to spend hours to port my config to xmodmap, but I would not like to do that at 
least at the moment.

I'm helpless and at the mercy of the devs, if anyone has any info about xkb and 
setxkbmap as seen on GuixSD I would love to get in contact.

Alex Dorof

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