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What is GUIX_PROFILE for?

From: George Clemmer
Subject: What is GUIX_PROFILE for?
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2018 08:36:56 -0400
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What is GUIX_PROFILE is for?

First question:

If I log into a GuixSD vm-image w/ 1 package installed ...

nemo:~ $ ssh address@hidden
Last login: Fri Jun 22 08:24:11 2018 from fe80::1c82:5c21:6372:5970%eth0
address@hidden ~$ guix package -I
znc       1.7.0   out

... GUIX_PROFILE is not in env ...

env | grep GUIX GUIX_LOCPATH=/run/current-system/locale

... but echo reports it ...

address@hidden ~$ echo $GUIX_PROFILE

That seems odd to me. What does it mean?

Second question:

If I set GUIX_PROFILE to something else, does it have any effect on what
Guix does for me?

TIA - George

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