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"calibre" package fails to build.

From: Matthew Brooks
Subject: "calibre" package fails to build.
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2018 17:01:55 -0500

It's also several versions out of date, according to the website. Which lists 
3.26.1 as the latest version, while 3.17 is the latest in the guix repo:
(This might be the cause of the error, since I remember reading that calibre is 
tightly bound to specific versions of QT, but I don't have the link to the 
forum post it was in.)

The actual error appears to be the following snippet of the output, but I've 
got the entire output piped to a file if anyone needs it.

>In file included from 
>                 from 
> /gnu/store/kjzfprjsjgyi2y7ybs7rinaac7gziabb-qtbase-5.11.0/include/qt5/QtGui/5.11.0/QtGui/qpa/qplatformfontdatabase.h:52,
>                 from 
> /tmp/guix-build-calibre-3.17.0.drv-0/calibre-3.17.0/src/calibre/headless/fontconfig_database.h:9,
>                 from 
> /tmp/guix-build-calibre-3.17.0.drv-0/calibre-3.17.0/src/calibre/headless/fontconfig_database.cpp:40:
> error: static assertion failed: sizeof specialLanguages / sizeof 
>*specialLanguages == QChar::ScriptCount
> Q_STATIC_ASSERT(sizeof specialLanguages / sizeof *specialLanguages == 
> QChar::ScriptCount);
> ^
>make: *** [Makefile:337: fontconfig_database.o] Error 1

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