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Hard experiment: GuixSD v. 0.14 -> current version.

From: Jone
Subject: Hard experiment: GuixSD v. 0.14 -> current version.
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2018 03:37:54 +0000

Clean installation took many hours. Problems:

1. Need downgrade system config (as example initrd modules syntax, I forgot about it)
2. After first 'guix pull' - error as in Thread "Error: system: command not found." Fixed with repeat guix pull.
3. Initial 'system reconfigure' fails at final (error with retrieving one derivation - "Network error"?), repeat wit --fallback.
4. Initial 'guix pull' in non-root account, using one processor core (this was necessary) took more than FOUR HOURS!
5. A lot of questions on building heavy packages from source and of the final set of packages (mariadb? Is this really the right system package??)

I will not risk repeating this! =) But maybe something could be done more correctly? Any recommendations?

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