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Re: racket patch not found

From: Chris Marusich
Subject: Re: racket patch not found
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2018 00:09:29 -0700
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Marco van Hulten <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Mark, others—
> Je 14 jul 16:38 skribis Mark:
>> Marco van Hulten <address@hidden> writes:
>> > When I install the package `racket' through
>> >
>> >     guix pull &&\
>> >     guix package -i racket
>> >
>> > I get this error:
>> >
>> >     guix package: error: racket-fix-xform-issue.patch: patch not found  
>> This was fixed in commit 57ac5261fec345b16cf80f87aa03212abc2c5a11,
>> pushed a few days ago.
>> If you "guix pull" and try again, hopefully it will work now.
> Yes, it does!
> It did warn me about no readline support:
>     $ racket
>     Welcome to Racket v6.12.
>     ; Warning: no readline support (ffi-lib: couldn't open
> "" ( cannot open shared object file: No such
> file or directory))
>     > 
> So I installed libedit, but the warning stays and I have still no
> readline support.
> Maybe I have to do add it to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH or something.  Instead,
> I went looking for, but it wasn't in ~/.guix-profile/lib/.
> When I started racket from that working directory, the warning wasn't
> given and I had readline support.  According to my experience binaries
> indeed look in the working directory for libraries.  Apparently racket
> finds the useful library in ~/.guix-profile/lib/.  But what file is it,
> and why does it not need to be ""?
> —Marco

This sounds like a bug in the way we have packaged racket.  If that's
the case, then somebody probably needs to change the package definition
so that we build in readline support.  It shouldn't be necessary for you
to install readline into your profile after the fact.  Similarly, it
shouldn't be necessary for you to meddle with LD_LIBRARY_PATH to get
things working.


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