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Re: [racket-users] Using Racket's raco on on Guix(SD)

From: Christopher Lemmer Webber
Subject: Re: [racket-users] Using Racket's raco on on Guix(SD)
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2018 11:18:08 -0400
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Konrad Hinsen writes:

> On 22/05/2018 15:42, Christopher Lemmer Webber wrote:
>> Unfortunately when I try to install packages with "raco pkg install"
>> I get errors like the following:
> I filed a bug report about this problem a while ago:
> Quote:
>   I traced this back as far as I could by looking at the Racket compiler
>   source code. Compilation generates a temporary file in the same
>   directory where the result is supposed to go. If no errors occur, the
>   temporary file is then renamed to become the output. The partial stack
>   traces point to locations in the code that do a recursive traversal of
>   a library in order to compile everything. Unfortunately, the part that
>   decides where the output goes is not referenced in the stack trace.
>> I seem to remember a couple of packages failing altogether, though in
>> the present moment I think the result is bad performance due to not
>> being properly compiled, but I'm not really sure.
> In my tests, all packages ended up working, but performance is indeed
> worse than with a Racket installation outside of Guix.
> It would be nice if someone with more knowledge of Racket internals
> could give a hint or two for debugging this issue!
> Konrad.

I'm posting a bug bounty on this issue: if someone can fix this I will
pay them $250 USD.  I don't have the time or knowledge enough of Racket
internals to do so myself.

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