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Re: Guix and desktop files

From: hiphish
Subject: Re: Guix and desktop files
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2018 23:12:45 -0000
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The file ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile only contains


It only exports the $PATH. Am I meant to make manual adjustments to this file
or is it managed by Guix as well? And while I'm at it, what is the way of
sourcing the bash completions installed by Guix?

    for f in $(ls /home/aleksandar/.guix-profile/etc/bash_completion.d/); do
        source $f       

And how do I get bash completion for Guix itself? It is not contained in the
above directory.

> address@hidden (2018-08-11 19:46 +0000) wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I am using Kubuntu 18.04 and I recently installed Guix as a secondary package
>> manager. I'm still feeling my way around and I have been wondering whether
>> the desktop files provided by some applications can be integrated with the
>> desktop environment.
>> When I install an application through apt a desktop file is placed in
>>     /usr/share/applications
>> and the application shows up in my Application menu. Guix has an analogue to
>> this under
>>      ~/.guix-profile/share/applications/
>> and it contains Gimp at the moment, but I have no idea how to hook this
>> directory up to the menu. Is there an environment variable like there is for
>> $PATH?
> Probably XDG_DATA_DIRS, although it should be set appropriately if you
> source your ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile
> -- 
> Alex

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