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Re: Guix and desktop files

From: hiphish
Subject: Re: Guix and desktop files
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2018 23:26:10 -0000
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OK, I suspected that I'm not meant to edit ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile myself,
that's why I asked. It's weird that $XDG_DATA_DIRS was not added after I
installed Gimp; maybe because Gimp uses GTK+ 2 instead of GTK+ 3? Who knows, I
have added ~/.guix-profile/share/applications/ to the environment variable
manually for the time being.

> address@hidden (2018-08-12 23:12 +0000) wrote:
>> ...
> You probably have very few packages installed in your guix profile, so
> there is only PATH there.  In general, the more packages you install,
> the more (required) environment variables will appear in that file.
> If I understand correctly, XDG_DATA_DIRS appears in "etc/profile" if
> 'glib' (or 'qtbase') package is installed.  But usually there is no need
> to installed 'glib' explicitly: it is propagated (installed
> automatically) by many GTK-based (or Qt-based) packages.  In my case, I
> have 'zathura' package installed, which propagates 'cairo', which
> propagates 'glib'.
>> ... 
> It is managed by Guix, and you are not supposed to modify any file from
> the /gnu/store.

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