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Re: Guix and desktop files

From: hiphish
Subject: Re: Guix and desktop files
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2018 23:27:05 -0000
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Nope, my ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile only exports the $PATH. Could it be
because I installed Guix on top of Kubuntu instead of using GuixSD? The same
with .bashrc, I already had one and Guix did not alter the existing one.

I have no problems with making adjustments to my ~/.bashrc, I was just
wondering if I was doing something wrong here.

> Strange, I have a dozen variables that are exported in this file, including
>> Am I meant to make manual adjustments to this file or is it managed by Guix 
>> as
>> well?
> No, profiles belong to the store, they are read-only and they are managed by
> Guix.
> If you want your own adjustments, place them in ~/.bash_profile (or ~/.profile
> if you don't have ~/.bash_profile).
> For completion and the other issues, check this:  by default Guix
> provides a ~/.bashrc which sources /etc/profile.  This is a crucial step.
> If you've removed this sourcing from your .bashrc (or you don't use bash), 
> make
> sure to source /etc/profile).
> Bash completion is set from /etc/bashrc, which is sourced by /etc/profile.
> Hope that helps!
> -- 
> Pierre Neidhardt

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