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Re: Enable guix-devel-mode only in guix source files

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: Enable guix-devel-mode only in guix source files
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2018 22:57:29 +0300
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Arun Isaac (2018-08-19 23:38 +0530) wrote:

>>> A better approach might be to add it to .dir-locals.el upstream.  What do 
>>> you
>>> people think?
>> I think the less is added to "dir-locals" the better.  Especially, there
>> shouldn't be any functions there in my opinion.
> Thanks, Alex and Pierre, for your replies. But, why is adding to
> dir-locals not a good idea?

It's not a good idea only in my opinion :-)

I personally don't like when someone decides what settings I should use
so much, that I disable all these dir-locals stuff completely (using
'enable-dir-local-variables' variable).

But if I understood this situation correctly, Pierre suggested to:

- add a function to the Guix ".dir-locals.el" (does dir-locals support
  functions at all?)

- the function to set up a third-party package (Emacs-Guix)!  Why Guix
  should do it?

Both these points doesn't look right to me.


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