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Re: How to properly use channels? (my 'guix pull' throws error)

From: Hebi Li
Subject: Re: How to properly use channels? (my 'guix pull' throws error)
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2018 14:16:17 -0500
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Hi Ricardo,

On Tue, Oct 02 2018, Ricardo Wurmus wrote:

> AFAIK this defect has been fixed a couple of days ago.  Unfortunately,
> you need to upgrade Guix with “guix pull” but without channels.  Once
> upgraded you can use channels again.

I actually ran "guix pull" right before I tried Ludovic's suggestion
earlier today. Anyway I pulled again, and did a full system upgrade
(guix package -u) and also reconfigure (sudo -E guix system reconfigure
config.scm), and even a reboot.  The "guix pull" command is still
complaining "no code for module (gcrypt hash)".

However, it succeeded when I tried the latest guix source [1], and ran
with ./pre-inst-env [2]. This time, "./pre-inst-env guix pull" did
finish compiling the package successfully:

        New in this revision:
          2 new packages: chromium, gn

But, I have no idea how to build and install the newly retrieved
chromium package. Seems that both "guix" and "./pre-inst-env guix" do
not see the new package (i.e. "(./pre-inst-env) guix install chromium"
complains no chromium package, no chromium is listed by
"(./pre-inst-env) guix package --list-avaiable").

Thus, I'm confused of what is the effect of the command "./pre-inst-env
guix pull". The document [2] is saying:

        Note that ./pre-inst-env guix pull does not upgrade the local source
        tree; it simply updates the ~/.config/guix/current symlink (see Invoking
        guix pull). Run git pull instead if you want to upgrade your local
        source tree.

I thought ~/.config/guix/current symlink *is* the local source tree, and
this document says both "./pre-inst-env guix pull" and "guix pull"
upgrade it.



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