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Package Install Question for New User

From: Brian Woodcox
Subject: Package Install Question for New User
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2018 09:33:22 -0700

So I now have GuixSD installed and operational.  Well sort of, I would like to 
install some packages.

I am seeing a lot of information on the web (including videos) and old 
information about installing packages and the .guix-profile.

Let’s say I’m logged in as user noobie.

I then trying to install a package from the terminal.  How about icecat.  So I 
issue the command to install that.

All of a sudden the system is downloading and compiling a pile of packages that 
were already installed as root.

Is there a way to have guix use the packages that were installed in the root 
account instead of downloading and rebuilding gcc, etc?

Or does the shared package only work between users and not users and root?

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