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guix environment and .bashrc

From: zimoun
Subject: guix environment and .bashrc
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2019 19:53:08 +0100

Dear Guixers,

I am running Guix on the top of Debian and I have issue with `guix
environment --pure'.
Well, the documentation provides some tips but I am not sure to understand.

I use the Awesome window manager and then I open different xterm.
Then the shell is an interactive shell but not a login shell---if I
understand well---so the dance with .profile, .bash_profile and
.bashrc is not working. I mean when I open an xterm window, the file
.bash_profile is not read, therefore the env variables are not setup.

The way that I use is to add an `else' clause to the $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT test:

    export PS1="address@hidden \w [dev]\$ "
   source ~/.bash_profile

Is it correct and the right way to do?
If yes, does the manual need improvement in this section (footnote)?

Thank you for any tips.

All the best,

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