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Re: Emacs-guix: variable is void: guix-current-profile

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: Emacs-guix: variable is void: guix-current-profile
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2019 23:20:36 +0300
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zimoun (2019-01-03 22:58 +0100) wrote:

> Dear Alex,
> Thank you for your answer and the nice emacs-guix interface.

Thanks :-)

>> It should be fixed by the latest commit:
>> So you may try to reinstall it from MELPA to check if it works now.  BTW
>> installing from MELPA should be as fine, as from Guix.  As far as I
>> understand, the problems you faced are not related to the way you
>> install Emacs-Guix.
> After the reinstall from MELPA, it appears to me that the guix popup
> works as expected. :-)
> Note that the popup does work properly with emacs-guix, since the
> letter p is binded twice (processes and package).
> I guess that the next release (available in MELPA) will fix this.

The current Emacs-Guix release (0.5.1) already has a fix for it
("processes" is bound to "o" there), so it looks like you installed some
previous version of emacs-guix with guix.  Make sure your guix is
up-to-date.  Have you ever run "guix pull"?

>> > Last, 'guix package -s gmsh' returns the package that I am looking for.
>> > However, `M-x guix p n gmsh' does not.
>> > I need to do 'guix package -i guix' to find gmsh with emacs-guix. Hum?
>> Yes, this is a big problem on non-GuixSD systems.  In short, "guix pull"
>> does not install its guile dependencies in the pulled profile.  Instead
>> they are hardcoded in "~/.config/guix/current/bin/guix", so Emacs-Guix
>> can't use these modules and this leads to unexpected errors.
>> The only workaround is to install "guix" in a user profile: this will
>> automatically "propagate" (install) all the missing Guile dependencies.
>> People usually don't face this problem on GuixSD because "guix" (thus,
>> all its propagated dependencies) is installed in a system profile there.
>> I don't see a way to fix this problem on the Emacs-Guix side.  For more
>> details, you may look at the discussion at
>> <>.
> Hum? I am too newbie to have an opinion. :-)

No problem, I just tried to describe this problem.

> A random idea.
> What Guix needs to expose to emacs-guix?
> And these missing guile modules should be packed to e.g. guix-minimal.
> What do you think?

I think guix should either install its guile dependencies to the pulled
profile (as it does with any usual profile), or make an auxiliary file
with "Guile load path" environment that can be used both by
"~/.config/guix/current/bin/guix" and by Emacs-Guix.


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