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Re: My first impression for GuixSD

From: 荒井吉則
Subject: Re: My first impression for GuixSD
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2019 13:08:43 +0900

Thank you for your advice.

At first it's my first installation of GuixSD. My config.scm is edited at locale, users, file-systems only from original desktop-config.scm.

My knowladge of guixsd configuration is not enogh to make my own configuration yet. but my expectation is that I could ajdust system configuration according to ordinal way of postinstallation.

For instance, locale setting at config.scm is to install additional fonts according to locale or config of multiboot is that I could edit /etc/grub.d/40_custom for postinstallation.

Cause of I don't know guixsd way yet. 

2019年1月5日(土) 20:14 <address@hidden>:
Hi :)

On 2019-01-05 11:48, 荒井吉則 wrote:
> I'm installed GuixSD using desktop config.
> Gnome/Xfce desktop is garbled cause of missing Japanese fonts.
> And missing /etc/grub.d and grub commands.  I edited
> /boot/grub/grub.cfg directly to be enable multiboot.
> Otherwise is OK.  Thank you.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Would you be willing to share your config.scm so we can help debug your

My knowledge of special fonts in guix is very low but others might have
succeded with getting japanese fonts to work by tweaking their

Regarding multiboot, I tried myself some months ago and it worked fine
after tweaking of my config.scm. Did you specify a custom
bootloader-configuration? (see info guix --search menu-entries).

Here is the example from the manual:
Should you want to list additional boot menu entries via the
menu-entries field above, you will need to create them with the
menu-entry form. For example, imagine you want to be able to boot
another distro (hard to imagine!), you can define a menu entry along
these lines:

  (label "The Other Distro")
  (linux "/boot/old/vmlinux-2.6.32")
  (linux-arguments '("root=/dev/sda2"))
  (initrd "/boot/old/initrd"))


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