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Sorry, stupid question about guix pull

From: Jone
Subject: Sorry, stupid question about guix pull
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2019 16:52:55 +0000

I need execute this as root? For upgrade system libraries and kernel.
Part of my config:

 (let ((trash (map specification->package
                   '("zile" "wireless-tools"))))
   (append (map specification->package
                '("xfce" "slim" "gvfs" "xrandr" "unzip"
                  "emacs" "w3m" "emacs-guix" "alsa-lib"
                  "moreutils" "mlocate" "tree" "file"
                  "autobuild" "autoconf" "autogen" "automake" "ccache" "cmake"
"gcc-toolchain" "make"
                  ;;; and dependences - visibly!
                  "gnutls" "ncurses" "libx11" "gtk+" "imagemagick" "acl" "zlib"
"dbus" "glibc-utf8-locales"
                  ;;; new/additional
                  "alsa-utils" "nss-certs"))
           (remove (lambda (pkg)
                        (memq pkg trash))
                   %base-packages))))  ;;  %base-packages selected here!

I don't really understand how it works, but it was OK before, and now
I can't upgrade the system (the current version is 0.15).
Many libraries have not been updated with this config when you try to
update as 'su -l; guix pull'.

What is my mistake - I would like to use simple package names, but I
want them to be the latest versions. And after 'guix pull' I run 'guix
package -u', but no upgrade.

I see a message when I try to update individual packages: "Need
upgrade X with Y".

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