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Re: Screen does not wake up from suspend ("No signal") on a Radeon RX 58

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Re: Screen does not wake up from suspend ("No signal") on a Radeon RX 580
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2019 15:09:55 -0500
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Pierre Neidhardt <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi!
> I've deployed Guix on a desktop computer with pretty much the exact same
> config as my laptop.
> On my laptop I can run
> $ loginctl suspend
> to hibernate.  Pressing a key will successfully wake it up.
> On my desktop, the same command sends the computer to sleep, but while
> pressing a key wakes it up (judging from the fans and the hard drive
> spinning up) the screen desperately remains off.  Turning it off and on
> again displays "No signal".
> In short, my desktop uses:
> - Linux-libre kernel, instead of a custom kernel for my laptop.
> - BIOS Grub because somehow Grub fails in EFI mode...  Whatever.
> - A Radeon RX 580 (which works perfectly so far) instead of an Intel for
> my laptop.
> My config.scm:
> - 
> - 
> Any pointer?

I don't know for sure, but that Radeon RX 580 card could be the
problem. I've set up a machine with Debian 9 and a Radeon R9 285 in the
past, and it was a pain to make it work -- it would not work at all
without the firmware blobs, and even then, I had to use a custom kernel
from AMD to get it working correctly...

If you have a 2nd (old nVidia would be the best) card laying around, I'd
suggest trying that -- if it works, you'll know the problem is with the
amggpu driver.

Good luck,


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