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Error system reconfigure

From: Jone
Subject: Error system reconfigure
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2019 21:22:39 +0000

Current Guix, system reconfigure passed, but:

1. Mount/booting errors.
(file-systems (cons*
                (mount-point "/")
                (type "ext4")
                (device (file-system-label "my-root"))
                (options "defaults,noatime 0 1"))
                (mount-point "/home")
                (type "ext4")
                 (device (file-system-label "my-home"))
                (options "defaults,noatime 0 0"))

  "unrecognized mount option default or missing value" many times on
booting, nothing is mounted.

2. Mcron
- so, too, does not work: message "mcron-service deprecated, use
mcron-service-type instead"

3. Bulding locale.. this is the little things (only '.UTF-8', but not '.utf-8').

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