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Emacs tip: navigate (and fuzzy search!) your package definitions

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: Emacs tip: navigate (and fuzzy search!) your package definitions
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2019 20:37:19 +0100
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Hi Guix!

At FOSDEM I realized that many Guix users/developers and Emacs users did
not seem to know about a nifty trick: M-x imenu (or better: helm-imenu
and helm-imenu-in-all-buffers or some Ivy/Counsel equivalent) allows you
to navigate through the package definitions in the .scm files.

This is super handy to jump from package definition to package
definition when you know which one you are looking for.

Unfortunately, Emacs' scheme-mode still has a bug and does not parse
"define-public" properly.  Alex Kost has a patch:

Put the above file in your Emacs' load-path and add a "(require
'al-scheme nil :noerror)" to your Emacs' config.

(By the way I've reported the issue and Alex' patch upstream -- still no

Hope you find it handy!


Pierre Neidhardt

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