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Error building cdrtools and dvd+rw-tools

From: Gary Johnson
Subject: Error building cdrtools and dvd+rw-tools
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2019 13:04:46 -0500
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Hi Guix,

After my latest "guix pull", I tried building dvd+rw-tools, but it is
erroring out when trying to build cdrtools. Attempting to build cdrtools
directly, returns the same fatal error with a rather lengthy log file
associated with the build.

After digging through it, I noticed several possible issues in the build 

- no perl is installed (shouldn't this be in the package's inputs list?)
- warning that GNU make is unmaintained and suggesting that we use s-make 
- broken ext2_fs.h 
 is broken... yes)

There may be more than this going on, but these were the warnings and
errors and jumped out at me as I went through the log file.

Any help in getting this package (cdrtools) to build correctly would be
much appreciated.


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