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Re: PostGIS does not work with Postgresql installation

From: Gábor Boskovits
Subject: Re: PostGIS does not work with Postgresql installation
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2019 00:45:24 +0100


Gary Johnson <address@hidden> ezt írta (időpont: 2019. febr.
5., K, 19:22):
> Hi Guix,
>   I need to install the PostGIS spatial extensions into my local
> PostgreSQL database. However, due to our unique packaging setup,
> PostgreSQL cannot find the PostGIS extension directory.

The fix for this is currently on staging, see:
If needed you can cherry-pick it from there, but this may trigger lot
of rebuilds.

> Here is the error I'm getting from within a psql session:
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> postgres=# CREATE EXTENSION postgis;
> ERROR: could not open extension control file
> "/gnu/store/1ybw54pgin4b59czcppybzlk6jkqnxik-postgresql-10.6/share/extension/postgis.control":
> No such file or directory
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> This file is actually installed here:
> /gnu/store/nx9lyaia3z8ilxm1z80f7rhg1j3ka1j8-postgis-2.4.4/share/extension/postgis.control
> So...the issue is, of course, that Guix is installing PostGIS into its
> own directory under /gnu/store rather then into the PostgreSQL install
> directory, which is how other package managers do it.
> Unfortunately, I can't find any environment variables that I can set to
> tell PostgreSQL where to look from the postgis.control file. Instead, it
> looks like the *postgis* package under gnu/packages/geo.scm needs to be
> rewritten to correctly write out symlinks into the postgresql install
> directory.
> I don't currently have the Guix programming chops to make this happen.
> Perhaps someone else on this mailing list can help?
> Thanks,
>   Gary

Thank you for your report.

Best regards,

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