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glibc-locales and other Application Setup on foreign distros

From: Quiliro Ordonez
Subject: glibc-locales and other Application Setup on foreign distros
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2019 12:22:33 -0800

I have found some problems with Guix foreign distro:

** Locales.-
The manual advises (on section 2.6 Application Setup) to add
glibc-locales on foreign distros. But it does not advise to include the
following necessary statements on each user's .bashrc:
export GUIX_PROFILE="$HOME/.guix-profile"
export GUIX_LOCPATH="$GUIX_PROFILE/lib/locale"
export PATH="$HOME/.config/guix/current/bin${PATH:+:}$PATH"
I have tested several inclusions and exclusions and the above is what
has worked for me in Debian 8. Maybe it would be better that guix
installation itself did this.

** NSS and X.509 Certificates.-
The manual advises to add this service. But it will not specify how to
add it as it does with locales. Is it supposed to be added by way of the
foreign distro installer or via 'guix package -i' on the root user? It
appears to be on the foreign distro because it specifies the 'system'
should run it. But this is not a categorical affirmation. The name of
the possible package and the command for some example distro would be
good to specify too. The same goes for X.509 Certificates.

** X11 Fonts.-
The manual specifies to install some fonts. I ran this command as user:
guix package -i gs-fonts font-dejavu font-gnu-freefont-ttfgs-fonts
font-dejavu font-gnu-freefont-ttf
and I get this error:
guix package: error: font-gnu-freefont-ttfgs-fonts: unknown package

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