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Re: mariadb build fails "Failing test(s): main.mysqldump"

From: Nikolai Merinov
Subject: Re: mariadb build fails "Failing test(s): main.mysqldump"
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2019 13:13:50 +0500

Hi Matthew,

I experienced a same issue with a mariadb build and I was able to find
root of the issue and submitted the patch to the guix-patches maillist.

Looks like everybody who updated guix between 2018-11-23 and 2018-12-31
was able to compile mariadb successfully :-)

If you want to work without a custom GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH you can take the
patch from the and
apply it to your cloned guix repository with "git am" command. Then run
"guix pull --commit=$(git rev-parse HEAD) --url=$PWD" to use the guix
from your local commit.


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