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Re: Installing webbrowser and email client via Guix package manager

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: Re: Installing webbrowser and email client via Guix package manager
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2019 15:40:49 +0100
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> > To install the recsel comand, you need to install the package
> > recutils. Then give a look at the manual:
> >
> What  a fine explanation! I filled in some of my own knowledge gaps with
> it. It would be great to include something like that on the manual.

Well, the quote link is precisely the manual :)

That said, if you can pin point sections that could be improve, please send
your suggestions to the mailing list, we should never stop working on the fine
manual :)

> I looked at this part. But I am missing some exercise such as the
> previous one on Emacs-Guix. It would help introduce myself on some
> practical use of that promising package. Would someone provide such
> thing please?

Are you asking for example of use cases of Emacs-Guix?

Sure, for instance you can can list your installed packages, click on a package
to display it's details, install other outputs from there, display the graphs,

You can list generations and "diff" them!  (One of my favourite feats!)
Then you can switch and delete generations.

There are helper functions for development, such as a "build-log-mode" to
navigate the build phase outputs (e.g. you jump from the "configure phase" to
the "build phase"), you can even toggle-fold the phase outputs.

And so much more!
Emacs-Guix has a very complete manual:


Pierre Neidhardt

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