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Re: How to run guix on replicant / android with linux 3.0?

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: How to run guix on replicant / android with linux 3.0?
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2019 08:37:25 +0100
User-agent: K-9 Mail for Android

Le 16 février 2019 22:51:08 GMT+01:00, Alex Vong <address@hidden> a écrit :
>I've a phone with replicant installed. It runs linux 3.0.x which is too
>old for guix glibc (which requires linux 3.2.x). Using the hint at the
>bottom of 'cross-base.scm', I successfully build cross-gcc with
>cross-glibc 2.23 (configured with '--enable-kernel=3.0.0') for
>armhf. Using them, I can cross-compile a statically linked hello world.
>Is there an easy way to make relocatable guix pack with glibc 2.23
>(configured with '--enable-kernel=3.0.0') for armhf? (My phone doesn't
>connect to the internet, so I can't use 'guix pull' and 'guix
>manifest'.) Right now, I have to manually set the '-B', '-I', '-L' and
>'-sysroot' paths to cross-gcc to make it build hello world (which is
>wrong and very tedious).
>The snippet is copied below for reference, but please don't use it,
>only a proof-of-concept. Thanks for help!
>(use-modules (guix packages)
>             (guix utils)
>             (gnu packages)
>             (gnu packages base)
>             (gnu packages cross-base))
>(let* ((triplet "arm-linux-gnueabihf")
>      (cross-linux (@@ (gnu packages cross-base) cross-kernel-headers))
>       (cross-linux* (cross-linux triplet))
>       (cross-binutils* (cross-binutils triplet))
>       (cross-glibc (cross-libc triplet))
>       (cross-glibc-version "2.23")
>       (cross-glibc*
>        (package
>          (inherit cross-glibc)
>          (version cross-glibc-version)
>          (source (origin
>                    (inherit (package-source glibc))
>                    (uri (string-append "mirror://gnu/glibc/glibc-"
>                                        cross-glibc-version ".tar.xz"))
>                    (sha256
>                     (base32
>               "1s8krs3y2n6pzav7ic59dz41alqalphv7vww4138ag30wh0fpvwl"))
>                    (patches
>                     (search-patches "glibc-ldd-x86_64.patch"
>                                     "glibc-versioned-locpath.patch"
>                                "glibc-vectorized-strcspn-guards.patch"
>                                     "glibc-CVE-2015-5180.patch"
>                                     "glibc-CVE-2016-3075.patch"
>                                     "glibc-CVE-2016-3706.patch"
>                                     "glibc-CVE-2016-4429.patch"
>                                     "glibc-CVE-2017-1000366-pt1.patch"
>                                     "glibc-CVE-2017-1000366-pt2.patch"
>                                   "glibc-CVE-2017-1000366-pt3.patch"))
>                    (modules '((guix build utils)))
>                                  (snippet
>                                   '(begin
>                                      (substitute* "misc/regexp.c"
>                                        (("char \\*loc1;")
>                              "char *loc1 __attribute__ ((nocommon));")
>                                        (("char \\*loc2;")
>                              "char *loc2 __attribute__ ((nocommon));")
>                                        (("char \\*locs;")
>                             "char *locs __attribute__ ((nocommon));"))
>                                      #t))))
>          (arguments
>           (substitute-keyword-arguments
>               (package-arguments cross-glibc)
>             ((#:configure-flags flags)
>              `(append ,flags (list "--enable-kernel=3.0.0")))))))
>       (cross-gcc* (cross-gcc triplet
>                              #:xbinutils (cross-binutils triplet)
>                              #:libc cross-glibc*)))
>  (list cross-linux* cross-binutils* cross-glibc* cross-gcc*))


I think I read somewhere (in the manual?) that you need a kernel 3.19 or 
greater to be able to use a relocatable guix pack. Since you're root on your 
phone though, you should be able to use a normal pack.

Maybe with inferiors you can use an older version of guix that works with your 

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