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Re: emacs-guix invalid byte opcode: op=183 ptr=25

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: emacs-guix invalid byte opcode: op=183 ptr=25
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2019 13:26:19 +0100


I am confused and I have a really naive question. :-)

When `guix package -i emacs-stuff', well the `emacs-stuff` is built or
if it is available on a substitute then the package is pulled from
     a- does it pull the ".el" files and then byte-compile them locally?
Or b- does it pull the ".elc" byte-compiled on the substitute?

And in case of a-, which Emacs does it use? The first one in $PATH
(don't think so!) or the one which is the companion of

Therefore, if one runs Emacs version 24 (the one coming with `apt-get
install emacs` on Debian 9) and `guix package -i emacs-stuff`, then it
leads to incompatibilities. Right?
It is "expected" and cannot be fixed otherwise we break the
reproducibilty, I guess. Right?

@Yoshinori Arai:
<<If guix will be installed from git on foreign distro, this error will
not happen. Because guix package is compiled by existing emacs.>>

Hum? I do not think so.

My "advice" about Emacs and its packages on foreign distro is:
 - install Emacs from Guix (guix package -i emacs) because the version
is more up to date (than Debian for example)
 - adapt the PATH or add `source ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile` to
enable the correct Emacs (from Guix)
 - choose only one way to install emacs packages: from ELPA/MELPA *or*
from Guix *and* it is not recommanded to mix the both.

Last about the package emacs-guix, there is still corner cases on
foreign distro; see [1] and [2].


Hope that helps.

All the best

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