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proposal to remove linux-Libre from Guix

From: Quiliro Ordonez
Subject: proposal to remove linux-Libre from Guix
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2019 13:34:27 -0700

Fellow freedom mates:

Even though linux-Libre is a great kernel because it provides good
technical value as well as freedom value, our advocacy for freedom is
greatly hindered when people call our project a Linux distribution
Our advocacy for freedom is confused with the advocacy Linux for more
technology and tangentially advocating slavery without remorse.

I propose to eliminate linux-Libre from the repos and add kFreeBSD. A
new repository, separate from Guix and not connected to the project
could be created in order to add linux-Libre. That way, GuixSD could in
no way be ever called a Linux distribution. An action like this could
even help all other GNU distros as well as distinguish GuixSD from all.

I know the port of kFreeBSD to Debian has been discontinued. But I found
this document about how it was done.
at the kFreeBSD port on the Debian wiki. I think we could take it from
where they left.

The best option would be to make Hurd usable because it is GNU's natural
kernel. But I think this is a longer range project.

What do you think about either of these possibilities and what do you
think the steps should be to make it a reality?

Happy hacking.

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