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jami-client-gnome not connecting to daemon

From: nightowl
Subject: jami-client-gnome not connecting to daemon
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2019 21:21:54 -0500
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I have been trying out the jami-client-gnome application. I had this working between two computers, one running guixSD, but after I updated the guix distribution, I get an error when I start jami. It says,

'could not re-connect to the jami daemon'

Then it quits. The last couple of updates to guix seem to have changed a few things, for one I notice the gnome desktop manager is now used for the login. I had some troubles with the network service not starting, but that seems ok now though I did not do anything in particular to address that. I ask herd it's status and it says following services are stopped:


Though gnome desktop seems to be operating ok without these. Is that ok, or could it be contributing to the problem with jami?

I also get a generic icon for jami in the menu but that has been the case ever since I installed it. Should there be an icon for jami?

I am wondering how to get jami working again.

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