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Re: Way to synchronize files like Dropbox

From: zloster
Subject: Re: Way to synchronize files like Dropbox
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2019 17:23:48 +0300
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I haven't tried this one:

But I like the idea - command-line script. Nothing fancy. Should run on any system with Bash and curl on them.

On 12.04.2019 16:36, mikadoZero wrote:
You could look into:

* rsync
* duplicity
* syncthing

Adam Mazurkiewicz writes:

What is the way to synchronize files with a remote storage like
Dropbox? I work in several places and I need to get the same document
files in these places. On Debian I was using just Dropbox. I need a
free solution from Guixsd.

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