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Re: 1) Lid Buttons 2) Stylus Input 3) Fingerprint Scanner

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Re: 1) Lid Buttons 2) Stylus Input 3) Fingerprint Scanner
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2019 14:30:06 -0400
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Hi Raghav,

Raghav Gururajan <address@hidden> writes:
> What and how should I do to enable the following in my Thinkpad X200T (X200 
> Tablet)?

As far as I know, we don't yet have "out of the box" support for the
Thinkpad X200 Tablet.  Since I don't have one myself, I can only give
you some pointers.

> 1) Buttons on the lid like screen rotation, lock screen etc.

Those buttons act like special keys on your keyboard.  The following web
page lists their scancodes, and gives some advice on how to set things
up so that the buttons behave as expected:

The page recommends using xbindkeys, which is provided by the Guix
"xbindkeys" package, but depending on which desktop environment you use,
there might be a more straightforward way to arrange for a script to be
run when you press a key.

For example, in GNOME, if you go into the "Keyboard" section of GNOME
settings, scroll down to the bottom of the list of keyboard shortcuts,
and press the "+" at the bottom, you can arrange for a script to be run
when you press a given key.  It might work for these special keys as
well, although GNOME probably won't know the proper name of the key.

> 2) Input using stylus pen.

The touch screen is apparently a Wacom device.  From GNOME, you might be
able to easily set it up from the "Wacom" section of GNOME settings.  I
don't know about other desktop environments off-hand.

I will note, however, that the "xsetwacom" program, which apparently can
be used to enable the Wacom device within an Xorg session, should be
provided by our "xf86-input-wacom" package.  You might find other useful
information on <>,
although note that "permanent configuration" will be much different on a
Guix system than on Arch.

To set it up permanently, it *might* be sufficient to add something like
the following to your OS configuration, merging it with your existing
'services' field if needed:

    (services (append (list ;; other services go here
                              (modules (cons xf86-input-wacom

with at least the following imports near the top of the file:

  (use-service-modules desktop xorg)
  (use-package-modules xdisorg)

> 3) Fringerprint scanner for authentication.

I've never tried to use a fingerprint scanner, but I see that Guix does
provide a "Fingerprint Service", which "provides a DBus service to read
and identify fingerprints via a fingerprint sensor."  To enable it, add
the following service:

  (service fprintd-service-type)

Please let us know how it goes.  With your help, we may be able to make
this nicer for the next X200 Tablet user.


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