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Re: sha256 hash mismatch for mozjs-38.2.1.rc0

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Re: sha256 hash mismatch for mozjs-38.2.1.rc0
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 20:30:31 -0400
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Platoxia <address@hidden> writes:

> After successfully doing "guix pull" as root, GuixSD fails to update from 
> /gnu/store/nbpba96q5vjhr64c91s788109mj7f3y6-system (kernel 4.20.1) 
> to current with "guix system reconfigure" due to an sha256 hash mismatch 
> after downloading mozjs-38.2.1.rc0.  
> I have attempted this system reconfiguration 3 times in as many weeks and 
> this failure always occurs for me. I am uncertain if this issue is unique 
> to me which is why I am posting here rather than making a bug report. It 
> could simply be a case of the mozjs-38 hash needing to be updated
> in gnuzilla.scm.
> From Guix System Reconfigure log:
> building 
> /gnu/store/x1k7m8k5n39ydbayh2mn57514sh77jyp-mozjs-38.2.1.rc0.tar.bz2.drv...
> downloading from 

Indeed, the URL above is no longer valid.  It returns some kind of error
page.  In general, when this happens, you can work around the problem by
finding another copy of the same file somewhere else.  Often it is
sufficient to type the file name into a search engine.  I found this:

Now, if you type "guix download <URL>", it will download the file and
add it to your store.  If it has the correct hash, it will be used
automatically when you repeat the "guix system reconfigure" command.

(If it has the wrong hash, it will be ignored and eventually removed the
next time you perform a garbage collection with "guix gc").

> The mozjs-38 definition as found in gnuzilla.scm:
> (define-public mozjs-38
>   (package
>     (inherit mozjs)
>     (name "mozjs")
>     (version "38.2.1.rc0")
>     (source (origin
>               (method url-fetch)
>               (uri (string-append
>                     "";
>                     name "-" version ".tar.bz2"))

Indeed, in order to properly fix this problem, the code above needs to
be updated.

Clément: I see that you added our 'mozjs-38' package about a year ago.
Would you be willing to find a new source URL for it, and possibly to
update to a newer 38.x version?  It might be easier to find a stable URL
for a non-RC version, and it looks like several other distros now have


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