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Rust development tools

From: mikadoZero
Subject: Rust development tools
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 22:26:39 -0400
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The rust book is a learning resource for the rust programming language.

It includes content on these rust development tools:

* cargo
  + build system and package manager
  + provides dependency management
  + used through the entire rust book

* rustup
  + adding the developer tool below
  + using other versions of rust like nightly
    - example of using nightly rust

* developer tools
  + rustfmt - code style reformatter
  + clippy - linting
  + rls - language server

I have rust installed on a Guix System.  It does not look like it
included any of these developer tools.  They also do not show up when
doing a package search for their names or for just rust.  I have also
searched for them with a `locate rust` and filtered its results with

What would be other ways to find these if they are already packaged for

If cargo is not packaged are people who are using rust with Guix System
using rustc and manually managing their dependencies?

Are there any special considerations for Guix packages that provide
programs like cargo and rustup that are also package managers?

How does Guix deal with something like rust nightly releases if at all?

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