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Emacs pomode: spellcheck only inside msgstr with both languages

From: znavko
Subject: Emacs pomode: spellcheck only inside msgstr with both languages
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2019 13:39:51 +0000

Hello! Russian translation of guix-manual is currently on the line #3661 (about 
6%). Need your help
and answers.
I've configured spellcheck in emacs with aspell, and configured autoselect of 
Russian dictionary.
It works the whole document when I type `M-x ispell`. Ad sure it does not know 
English words, but they present in the Russian translations too.

1) how to force ispell to check only msgsrt ?

2) how to make ispell skip English words in msgstr?

3) why 'Introduction' contains 'address@hidden' instead of 'GNU Guix'? is it 

#. type: Plain text
#: doc/guix.texi:329
msgid ""
"You can install address@hidden on top of an existing GNU/Linux system where "
"it complements the available tools without interference "
"(@pxref{Installation}), or you can use it as a standalone operating system "
"distribution, @address@hidden@footnote{We used to refer to Guix "
"System as ``Guix System Distribution'' or ``GuixSD''.  We now consider it "
"makes more sense to group everything under the ``Guix'' banner since, after "
"all, Guix System is readily available through the @command{guix system} "
"command, even if you're using a different distro underneath!}.  @xref{GNU "

4) It may be much easier to read the Guix manual translation compiled into texi 
and then into html. How can I perform this?

Here it is my current work:
I will push it into translation project when check carefully.

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