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Re: IceCat from Guix all monospaced font

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Re: IceCat from Guix all monospaced font
Date: Sun, 05 May 2019 16:14:44 -0400
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Hi Zelphir,

Zelphir Kaltstahl <address@hidden> writes:
> The problem is solved for me now. Would an "strace" still be helpful?

I'm not sure.  It depends on whether we're able to understand from your
upcoming email what went wrong and how to fix it properly.

> I will write another mail to the list, summarizing what I have tried and
> that it works now.

Please do send that email when you can.  I'm glad it's working for you
now, but it would also be good to fix it properly so that other users
will not hit the same bug.

> Thank you for your detailed idea about how to progress nevertheless.

Glad to help.  Thanks for reporting the issue.


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