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Re: Uninstall/Install Guix

From: Chris Marusich
Subject: Re: Uninstall/Install Guix
Date: Sun, 05 May 2019 19:46:16 -0700
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Hi Pierre-Henry,

"Pierre-Henry F." <address@hidden> writes:

> I tried to remove and re-install again but here what I get:
>     address@hidden:Downloads$ guix pull -l
>     guix pull: error: stat: No such file or directory: 
> "/var/guix/profiles/per-user/phf/current-guix-1-link"
>     address@hidden:Downloads$ guix describe
>     guix describe: error: failed to determine origin
> To uninstall:
>      sudo systemctl stop guix-daemon.service
>      sudo rm -rf /gnu
>      sudo rm -rf /var/guix
>      sudo rm -rf ~/.profile/guix
>      sudo rm -rf /etc/guix
> To install:
> Well... I really don't understand how all of that works.

Are you still having trouble, or were you able to resolve the issue?

I'm not sure what you meant in your last email.  Did you mean that you
ran the uninstall commands, followed by the script, and
then when you ran "guix pull -l" you received the errors above?


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