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Re: Uninstall Guix?

From: Pierre-Henry F.
Subject: Re: Uninstall Guix?
Date: Mon, 06 May 2019 07:33:32 +0000

Did you wrote a script to reproduce the steps by any chance?

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On 6 mai 2019 à 09:11, HiPhish a écrit :

> I ended up doing the same, plus some extra steps. Basically, I walked through
> the binary installation instructions of the manual and unded all the steps.
> When it told me to copy, move or symlink something I deleted that, I disabled
> and deleted the SystemD services, and I removed all the Guix build users and
> their group.
> On Saturday, 4 May 2019 23:13:06 CEST Pierre-Henry F. wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I uninstalled Guix and re-installed it for about the same reasons.
>> Here is what did the job:
>> rm -rf /gnu
>> rm -rf /var/guix
>> rm -rf /etc/guix
>> rm -rf ~/.profile/guix
>> rm ~/.guix-profile
>> Maybe some more experience users can add/remove things to that list...
>> PHF

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