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Red Notebook will not build.

From: Jesse Gibbons
Subject: Red Notebook will not build.
Date: Mon, 6 May 2019 22:01:04 -0600

I am trying to make a Red Notebook package (home page
<>). I defined a package that should work, but I get an
error when I try to build it. Attached are my package definition
(rednotebook.scm), and the build log
(g05wsv8nqq8m71n3wg65043lixsfaa-rednotebook-2.11.1.drv.bz2). The build
log was produced after I ran `guix pull` and `guix upgrade` on May 6
2019 (guix (GNU Guix) d6a68e90483b35bdc2ea78afe2c81873be67ec95). During
the builld process the '_()' method appears to be undefined. However,
this is not a problem on other systems.

When I try getting source with `guix build --source rednotebook` and
enter an environment with `guix environment rednotebook` I cannot run
the program from the source directory (`bash ./run` or `python3
rednotebook/` both have the same results). Attached is output
from my attempt (rednotebook.log). It appears Python cannot find the
libgtksourceview shared library, though I can confirm it is located
in the environment's LIBRARY_PATH.

I need a hint on where the problem is:
- If the problem is something wrong with guix it needs to be identified
  and sent to the bug mailing list.
- If it is in my package definition, what should be changed in the
- If it is in the package itself (due to programmers neglecting best
  practices of developing in python), how can I apply a custom patch
  until we can get it fixed in the github repository? The info doc
  appears to be missing the details.

I suspect it is a combination of the three.

Thanks in advance!

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