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Any questions yet

From: Jone
Subject: Any questions yet
Date: Wed, 8 May 2019 23:21:11 +0000

Hello, people! I don't even know exactly what I would like to ask))
Well, for example: two calls "guix pull" as root and as user - what
does the first if the root has 0 packages (besides guix itself,
right?) But how is this related in the future? I still do not
understand what I do not understand))

I know Scheme/Guile only at the level of a ordinary user, so I ask
such stupid questions, sorry. And English is so-so)) But I love
freedom! Thanks.

Yes, and also: I wrote a couple of package definitions for several
XFCE plugins that are not in the repositories. Is it impossible to
send somewhere? True, the versions is old..

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