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Re: good overview presentation?

From: Christopher Baines
Subject: Re: good overview presentation?
Date: Fri, 10 May 2019 08:15:37 +0100
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Miles Fidelman <address@hidden> writes:

> Thanks Chris,
> A couple of follow-ups:
> On 5/9/19 12:39 PM, Christopher Baines wrote:
>> 1:
>> There's also two talks [2] which I've given in the past on Guix, they're
>> a few years old, but I think most of the material is still correct.
> Silly me, but how does one view these things?  The ones labeled with
> .pdf extensions come across as ascii files, that can't be read as pdf,
> and others look like they have to be assembled.

There might be a "plain" link, which you can use to download the file,
and then open it once it's downloaded. Alternatively, clone the Git
repository and browse the files on your computer.

>> 2:
>> The FOSDEM 2018 one is shorter, and higher level [3].
>> 3:
>> The Freenode live! 2017 one is longer and more technical [4].
>> 4:
> From the slides, it looks like GUIX keeps track of dependencies, but
> there's no discussion about how dependencies are identified, included
> in the package definitions, or resolved at install time. Details (or
> pointer) please!

I'm not sure there's a great reference for these, so dependencies are
not really identified, but when you define a package you declare some
"inputs". There are 3 relevant fields in the package record, inputs,
native-inputs, and propagated-inputs.

Generally, the runtime dependencies are a subset of the build
inputs. Specifically the ones that are still referenced in the generated
outputs from the build. The propagated-inputs will also be installed
alongside the package if it's installed.

Dependencies aren't resolved at install time, they're exactly specified
when the package is built. However, Guix does have a concept of search
paths, which helps some software connect things up at runtime. For
example, when you install python, and python-numpy, Guix will set the
PYTHONPATH environment variable in the profile, so that Python can find
the relevant packages.


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