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Re: guile scheme tutorial

From: rendaw
Subject: Re: guile scheme tutorial
Date: Mon, 13 May 2019 16:10:34 +0900
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On 5/9/19 1:35 AM, swedebugia wrote:
> On 2019-05-08 15:15, Pierre Neidhardt wrote:
>> For what it's worth, most of rendaw's comments resonate to me, from back
>> when I first got started with Guix.
>> But now, with hindsight, it's not obvious to me anymore what can be
>> fixed in the manual.
>> I believe the reason for this is simply that Guix and all its
>> concepts are a lot to take for newcomers, it's simply too hard to digest
>> even after multiple readings.  It takes time and practice.
>> A well written manual might not be the only answer we are looking for.  How
>> do we teach complex concepts in schools?  With examples and exercises.
>> Maybe we should do that.  Blog articles could be a good fit.
> +1
I'm definitely behind the examples thing.  My guide has some (ex:
disabling root login) but it's not the first place you'd go looking for
that.  I'm not sure I like blogs though - IMO those are good for topical
writing, like release announcements, admin changes, postmortems, etc,
but I'd never go there if I had a specific technical question and by
nature they're not organized for such use.

What about a wiki like what Arch does?  I know nothing about wiki
administration, but the Arch wiki is full of basic (non-concept
information - how to install and configure package x or y) and specific
examples with snippets (how to enable a microphone in alsa).

Also if we're talking about 3rd party blogs TBH I think they're fairly
hard to find.  Having an official curated list of 3rd party
documentation would be great, but nothing beats official documentation
for discoverability.

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