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use case: installing several user administrated workstations

From: Quiliro's lists
Subject: use case: installing several user administrated workstations
Date: Mon, 13 May 2019 14:19:02 -0700

Dear community:

I have noticed Guix System Distribution (I like to abreviate it GSD) is
great for having a predictable, hackable system, which is entirely
auditable. I like this. It is like making your own ... anything (car,
house, clothes,etc). It gives you great power and endless possibilities
of creativity, sharing and learning.

When I think of installing GSD on user machines that I will never see
again (as at an installfest), I feel certain unease. It is so because I
have had to change my desktop.scm system configuration file every time I
want to update my whole operating system. That is a task that no end
user will ever be able to do.

Is there a way that when I run 'sudo guix system reconfigure
desktop.scm', the user (system admin for his machine) can take the
current config and make a new config file (desktop1.scm) with the new
synthax? It is, of course, impossible without a translation from what
was intended in desktop.scm to what is the current situation when
creating desktop1.scm. 
Thank you for your responses.

Quiliro Ordonez

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