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Re: Fingerprint Service

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Re: Fingerprint Service
Date: Thu, 16 May 2019 12:37:48 +0200

Raghav Gururajan wrote:
After Danny's fix, fprintd just works on my X230T:

λ fprintd-enroll
Using device /net/reactivated/Fprint/Device/0
Enrolling right-index-finger finger.

…and the finger print reader lights right up!

That's cool! I will try and get back to you. :-)

Typing "λ fprintd-enroll" or "fprintd-enroll" in the terminal throws "command not found".

~ λ is my bash prompt :-)

fprintd-* commands are part of the ‘fprintd’ package. ‘guix install fprintd’ and try again.

Now, to actually use the reader for ‘authentication’ to existing services (screen lockers, display managers, prompts…) you'll probably have to write your own PAM rule. I haven't tried that. I've only played with the reader; I'm not sure I have any real use for it.

Biometrics make terrible passwords. They're more like the ‘something you have’ of two-factor authentication, but much more painful to steal — mainly for the owner.

Kind regards,


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