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Re: Grub Bios Boot filesystem description

From: znavko
Subject: Re: Grub Bios Boot filesystem description
Date: Sun, 26 May 2019 12:31:29 +0000

This is my config, that does not contain item for /dev/sdb1 file system that is 
for bios grub:
Will it work fine?

May 26, 2019 12:27 PM, address@hidden wrote:

> Hello! If I want to part my disk and to use 3 partitions:
> 1) Bios Grub,
> 2) Linux filesystem, and
> 3) Linux Swap
> should I describe my Bios Grub filesystem in '(operating-system (file-systems 
> (list ...)))' or just
> only in '(operating-system (bootloader ...))' section?
> If I need to describe grub file system, so which type should I specify?
> If I do not need, how grub will know to boot from my root partition Linux 
> filesystem on /dev/sdb2 ?

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