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Issues with guix offload

From: Divan Santana
Subject: Issues with guix offload
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2019 17:19:15 +0200

Hi All :)

So my guix offload to my build box used to work, no troubles.

As of late it fails. Perhaps due to an update, or because I renamed the
user account on the remote box.

I think all is correct in terms of configuration but still fails with
the below.

Not sure how to further troubleshoot it:

~ sudo guix offload test
guix offload: testing 1 build machines defined in '/etc/guix/machines.scm'...
guix offload: Guix is usable on '' (test returned 
guix offload: '' is running GNU Guile 2.2.4
sending 1 store item (0 MiB) to ''...
exporting path `/gnu/store/sxxrzcpagpr87ldp82l9q634q7bbp8g5-export-test'
guix offload: error: unknown error while sending files over SSH

Seems something like this fails too

guix copy emacs

~ ssh address@hidden guile --version
guile (GNU Guile) 2.2.4

~ ssh address@hidden guix repl --version
guix repl (GNU Guix) 1.0.1-3.4a54ed7

Doing this (against sshd pid) on the build server results in a 2m file
output. Where can I upload that?

address@hidden ~# strace -p 287 -s 300 -o log -f

Not sure what to look for in the log output.

Any ideas?

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