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Re: Noob issues with maintaining a guix laptop system

From: Divan Santana
Subject: Re: Noob issues with maintaining a guix laptop system
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2019 20:27:19 +0200

Julien Lepiller <address@hidden> writes:

> Le 4 juin 2019 08:17:11 GMT+02:00, ison <address@hidden> a écrit :
>>Just to be clear, when a reconfigure fails you can make any necessary
>>and run it again. Guix operations are atomic so it doesn't actually
>>change the
>>state of your system in any way until it finishes.
>>But, if you're asking about rolling back the "guix pull" so that you
>>can run
>>reconfigure with the older versions as if you had never ran "guix pull"
>>in the
>>first place, then I think you could try this:
>>guix describe
>>which should print out the "commit" used when you last reconfigured the
>>Then you could try the following command with <commit-string> replaced
>>with the
>>value you got above:
>>guix pull --commit=<commit-string>
>>That should make sure your package data matches what was used last time
>>successfully reconfigured.

Cool, I'll note for next time it happens and report back if I get stuck.

Thanks a lot

> That's a good suggestion, except guix describe will tell you the connit of 
> the currently installed guix, which is the one you've guix pull'ed to.
> I thenk you can use guix package to manage the guix pull profile, like so:
> guix package -p /var/guix/profiles/per-user/current-guix --list-generations
> You can also use --roll-back or switch directly to an older generation.
> But in general I think it would be better for you to report your failure(s) 
> so we can help and fix them :)
>>As for the swapfile, it should work exactly how you showed.
>>That error makes me think the problem is with how you set up the
>>swapfile. Did
>>you run "dd" to allocate space for the swapfile?
> And run mkswap on it?

I thought I did that, but perhaps not.

Either way, your guys advise helped, it's working now, after a mkswap. Thanks!

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