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Re: Maybe I made a mistake?

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: Maybe I made a mistake?
Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2019 09:18:39 +0200
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> Some simple
> packaged software that work on those distros  like Debian don't work
> with Guix System […]

Do you mean binaries that were packaged for Debian won’t work unchanged
on Guix System?  This is expected as Guix does not provide libraries and
the loader at the location where a Debian binary would expect them.

You would need to package the software for Guix to use it there.

> and I also find the documentation to be really hard
> for the non-tech savvy like me to understand. I'm confused when I
> should mess with my configuration file or when to do things manually,
> like adding a supplementary group for my primary account.

All of this should be done via the configuration file as the system is
mostly stateless, i.e. when you reboot your system is essentially set up
from scratch using the files that were generated when you last ran “guix
system reconfigure”.

> I really want to like Guix, but for now I might have to switch to
> something easier until the documentation gets fleshed out and more
> packages that aren't in yet are added to avoid frustration.

Can you point to specific problems you have with the documentation?


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